Patterson Services, Inc. is a full service waste management company whose goals are to provide you with services for your waste and recycling needs. We offer traditional roll off service to recycling. We ensure your project meets your goals and requirements. Patterson Services is here to ensure trouble free operation.

We are a recycler of wood and gypsum wallboard and work with area recyclers for concrete, asphalt, metal (rebates sent to you), and ceiling tile.

We have a large inventory of containers, but we can also recycle on site area permitting. Patterson Services, Inc. has been in business in South Cobb County since 1991, we are members of the Homebuilders Association and the Association of General Contractors.

Our goal is to tailor our system to your needs, offering incredible commercial, construction, and industrial service

Site Preparation Stage

How can it be utilized?

We have the solution using State of the Art Equipment

Keeping Waste out of Landfills, The Facts

Basics About Disposal Costs

These are three of the costs that make up the amount you pay for your construction waste: Handling, Transporting, and Tipping.

Options for waste removal


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Alternatives in Construction Waste Management
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