Why Should You Be Interested?

Our customers give us the following reasons they like our service:

Curb Appeal: Prospects and Realtors like showing a home that does not have a container in the yard or debris blowing around.

Up-Front Charges: Our customers like knowing the total cost up front. We use a square foot charge.

Flexibility: Being there when you schedule us. Service is everything.

Contamination: Without the big containers on the job site there is no drive by contamination.

We are members of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association.
Nextel: Ken : Builders 3 #21220

Patterson Services, Inc. was founded by Ken Patterson in 1991. Ken Patterson has been involved in Residential and Commercial Construction for over 20 years, and is a licensed, Insured Utility Contractor. Please let us know if you need our Certificate of Insurance.

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